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  • とれんだシリーズ
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 Count on us everything related to amusement machines and play ground equipments from small to large facilities!
Our mission is to help you to build a fun place to create more smiles and laughter.
Kaga Amusement, plans, manufactures and provides a various kinds of amusement machines and equipments which children can play fun and safe proposes the latest and innovative amusement machines and equipments all the time for amusement arcades, amusement parks, leisure facilities and so on.

Our Business

 We aim to provide play space that everyone not only for children is satisfied with by adjusting facility space and situation then we plan, manufacture and sell a various kinds of amusement machines and equipments. We meet the needs of customers who are operating amusement facilities; rent amusement machines such as Purikura, plan original amusement machines and equipments, manufacture the customers’ OEM products which are already planed, and support customers when you expand these amusement equipments overseas. We prepare methods to meet your various needs related to creation of play facilities and we are always challenging to purse play space.
 Our mission is to help you to build fun places from different perspectives, considering to your requests and budget. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Provide amusement machines and equipments Planning, Development, and Manufacturing
Amusement equipments for kids and elderly International business connection
◆Provide amusement machines and equipments
 We do business with manufactures and distribute amusement machines and equipments.
◆Planning, Development, and Manufacturing
 We offer original amusement machines and educational equipments from the planning stage.
◆Amusement equipments for kids and elderly
 We also provide amusement equipments and health care equipments which are intended to elderly people to nursing home.
◆International business connection
 We work together with our Malaysia branch and Kaga group companies all around the world, support localization of amusement machines and international trading business.